The Art of Diane May

Commissioned Works

Princess Story

Princess Story


Carl Barner's Parents

Carl Barner’s Parents

20 Years At The Lake

20 Years At The Lake

Jump-out Boys Sketch 300res, jpeg

Jump-Out Boys Sketch

%22Radical Change%22 (dragonfly drawing), Grey, 100res

Radical Change Drawing

Radical Change, #11:100, hand-colored

Radical Change, #11:100, hand-colored

Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly Acrylic Painting

Sandy's Cousin's Sheep, 100res

Sandy’s Cousin’s Sheep

Charlotte silhouette cutting, 100 res


PostandPaint-dog and ducks

Duck, Dog, Ducky

St. Paul Urban Ministry Logo, 100res copy

St. Paul Urban Ministry Logo

Yarusso Wedding Reception
Yarusso Wedding Reception

Jenni's Kitties

Jenni’s Kitties


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