The Art of Diane May

2016 Face-Painting Events

I have been telling customers recently that they really need to book me far in advance for their events and here’s an example of that.  I was just hired for a year from today to face-paint for the East Side Harvest Festival on Payne Avenue.   So, next year (2016) on September 17th I will be face-painting after the big parade that kicks off at noon on Maryland Avenue and goes all the way down to Wells Street.  I will be with the other vendors for the big party where there are usually 2 bouncy houses going and the brightly-colored Aztec dancers.  I can’t wait!

I am also booked out indefinitely by St Pascal to do their National Night Out Event which is always the first Tuesday night in August.  Next year, National Night Out falls on August 2nd.

If you think you will want me for your child’s birthday party, let’s get something on the books now.  I don’t want to disappoint the kiddos!  🙂

“Superhero Face-Painter”, Diane May


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